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Beekeeping Since: 2014
Introduction: We are a local, established company that believes that Mother Nature know best! we use natural methods to propagate and keep honeybees.
Area's Served: Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, American Falls, Driggs, Soda Springs, Burley, Twin Falls, Jerome, Malad
Type: Commercial Beekeeper
86 S Stout
Zipcode: 83221
Country: United States
Phone Number: 2087607188
About Me: What sets us apart from other beekeeping suppliers is our focus on the following two principles. -Bees are amazing and when we work with nature, we can strengthen the honey bee. -Modern Beekeeping isn’t very modern; The Langstroth BeeHive was patented in 1852! It hasn’t changed very much since then – we think there is room for improvement. While caring for my bees, I questioned everything. I like and see value in many of the traditions in beekeeping, but I also see problems that seem to be perpetuated as commercial apiaries continue to do things “the same way my grandfather did.” As my beekeeping hobby expanded and as my understanding of the bees and the systems grew, I tried new things, monitored the results and made adjustments. Over time my methods have developed into their own system – the HardyBees system. We have modified the Langstroth system to make it more friendly for beginners and professionals alike, and evolved our management practices to work more closely with nature. Our website, and the products we offer for sale are part of our effort to share what we have learned, how we do things, and to help educate others about what they can do to strengthen the common honey bee. Whether you are just getting started with bees, or are an experienced apiarist who is looking to make a change or expand your apiary, we think there is something here for you. We encourage you to try our way of working with bees and see what kind of difference it makes in your apiary.
Located in: Idaho


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