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Jon Deardorff

Beekeeping Since: 1999
Introduction: Shady Rest Apiaries, LLC - Swarm removal and honey sales
Occupation: Beekeeper
Area's Served: Adams County and surrounding areas
Type: Sideline Beekeeper
325 Scott School Road
Zipcode: 17353
Country: United States
Phone Number: 717-642-9083
Mobile Phone: 717-253-7721
About Me: I may have any where from 5 to 25 hives at a time during the summer months. The honey bees are special insects that are educational, remarkable, and vital to the pollination of most of our foods. I appreciate the value of these small creatures and learn something new every year that I spend in their company. While working with my own bees I also find myself answering questions and helping new beekeepers explore and discover the intricacies of their hives. Sometimes we learn together! The industrious ladies in my hives also provide some of the most delicious honey I have ever tasted. A local bee club even voted my honey the best tasting honey in 2011. Those workers do the difficult tasks and I get the credit. Give me a call if you see a swarm in the spring and I will be happy to give those honey bees a new, safe home that they can enjoy!
Located in: Pennsylvania


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