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Calvin Donaghey

Beekeeping Since: 2015
Introduction: 3256692793
Occupation: Geologist
Area's Served: Abilene
Type: Sideline Beekeeper
4142 Potomac Ave.
Zipcode: 79605
Country: United States
Phone Number: 3256692793
Mobile Phone: 3256692793
About Me: DOB 1956 I work as a petroleum geologist. Not much work out there now, so I'm having more bee time. I currently have 14 hives on my place and am working to start keeping hives on another place. I catch swarms, do cutouts, and try to preserve the bee population. I work closely with another, more experienced beekeeper here in Abilene. So far the farthest I've gone is about 100 miles to do a triple cutout. I have worked with some mean bees but I re-queen them. My most challenging cutout so far was an old rock house with 5 hives in the walls. Easiest cutout was under window frame of an abandoned house; had the bees, comb and queen in 20 minutes, and they were so sweet I didn't need a suit. My preference, of course, is to catch swarms. I have trapped some large swarms in my traps; the largest nearly filled two 8 frame medium boxes. I have caught four swarms so far this spring, and it looks like this is a banner year for bees in our area.
Located in: Texas


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