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Beekeeping Since: 2010
Introduction: Free Range Apiaries Free Swarm Removal,or setup
Area's Served: Northern Michigan
Type: Sideline Beekeeper
301 S. Webber St
Zipcode: 49332
Country: USA
Phone Number: 231-287-5152
About Me: I'm an avid Beekeeper in all its glory from raising Bee's making splits and rearing queens, to gathering swarms and making new Colonies and introducing folks to beekeeping. If your interested in me removing your bee's and getting you into Bee Keeping we can talk about that, or I'll gladly remove them for free. Honey Bee's only, if I can not remove them,(Deep inside the house, I would kindly request a gas donation, but rest assure getting the Bee's is more important and beneficial for me.
Located in: Michigan


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